Bomaq Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks and Handling Machinery Copyright @ 2.020
Bomaq Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks and Handling MachineryCopyright @ 2.020


In this section you will find the following services, with the aim of supporting you with any need you may have, from technical and marketing information, to allocating and buying a part you need for your truck:


Here you can view or download technical and marketing information for all of our products. This information is also available via the "Products" section, by entering the model or name of the product you are interested in.

In these catalogues, you'll find all the specs (sizes, weights, performances, etc.), as well as those characteristics that make our products stand out from those of the competitors.

Have a look now, and discover why Bomaq forklifts are the best choice for your work.



We have set up an additional website, dedicated purely to spare parts allocation, where the customer can place orders online, quickly and without having to pass through the usual order process (fax, email, confirmation, etc.).

All you have to do is enter the product or search area and add the items to the shopping cart. After that you can confirm your order, and the system will automatically inform you regarding the delivery time, weight for transport and so on.

Take a look, and see how simple and easy it is to use.



In this section, you will find all the technical information necessary for the use and maintenance of your product. This area is password protected, and is only available to registered users of Bomaq.

We have dedicated a lot of time to preparing information so that our customers can maintain the product without our help. This saves time both for the customer and for the technicians avoiding, for example, delays whilst they await a response from the manufaturer's aftersales service. Everything is explained in detail, however if you require further assistance please do get in contact and our people will answer you within 24H.


Service & Warranty report document
Use this document to report any problem of your Bomaq products to our address, and we will contact you inmediately.
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