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Archive 2014

08/12/2014 - BOMAQ

After having a continuous demand from our Australian dealer, we have decided to include in our price list the new version of B30 MP: the low profile type, called B30 MP LP.

We have been able to reduce the overall height of this unit to 1.990 mm, leaving almost the same space to the operator, using a low profile seat from Grammer, that includes mechanical suspension, and front, tilt and weight regulation.

These units are specially aimed to access low height spaces, like basements or other application like chicken farms...

The same options are available for this model, including closed cabin, heater and air conditioning.

21/10/2014 - BOMAQ

Today, Mr. Ross Grassick from The Lencrow Group has been in our factory, checking with us the result of the units already working in the Australian market. Such has been the result, that he has ordered another 12 units of B30 MP, plus 4 of B50 MP.

Their amazing maneuverability, compact design and high quality have been the key for this market.

On the other hand, they have also checked that the Bomaqs have the quietest cabin of its category worldwide!


Today Bomaq signed the dealership contract with Mass Lift Africa, the new dealer in Southafrica, covering also the regions of Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola.

The first unit of B30 MP 4WD will be there very soon! Be aware Honey Badgers!

You can find their contact details on their website:

07/10/2014 - BOMAQ

Today the Quebec Industrial Trade Show begins, and our B30 MP 4WD model can be seen in the Bomaq's Canada Stand (Heli). For more details please visit our dealers website:

28/06/2014 - BOMAQ

Our exclusive dealer for the whole Canada has just open their exclusive site for the Bomaq product. The 2 first units are almost on their way, to be shown on the Quebec Industrial Trade Show. You can contact our dealer to know more details. 


11/05/2014 - BOMAQ

Our exclusive dealer for the Australian market, showcased its new Bomaq all-terrain forklift at the Hire and Rental Industry Association show on the Gold Coast last week...


09/05/2014 - BOMAQ
We have a new dealer for the Canadian market: Bomaq Canada. Two units of our model B30 MP 4WD are on the way to be shown in the Quebec Industrial Trade Show (october, 7-9).

11/04/2014 - BOMAQ

A new member of the Bomaq family is here.

We give her our best and warmer wellcome!!!

26/03/2014 - BOMAQ
The first unit of B50 MP 4WD is going to land in Australia. Our dealer for the Australian market, the Lencrow Group, has acquired our first B50 MP 4WD unit coming out of the production line. It's design, great performance and the patented 4WD steering system have been the keypoints for this market.

14/02/2014 - BOMAQ

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Today we also celebrate 300,000 hits on our website, in less than a year!

25/01/2014 - BOMAQ

The new project B20 E4 has began. Bomaq is preparing a new and amazing concept never offered before by any other manufacturer: the first 4WD rough terrain forklift truck, 100% electric powered. The first model will have a capacity of 2 Ton, and will be able to climb more than 35% slope at full load.


21/01/2014 - BOMAQ

Bomaq has recently incorporated new DELL T7610 Workstations in the Engineering Dept.,  using advanced 3D acceleration hardware from NVidia Quadro. The use of CAD/CAM/CAE software and FEA (finite element analysis), results in high quality products: resistant, precise and realiable.

13/01/2014 - BOMAQ
We have uploaded a new video of our model B30 MP 4WD, where you can see it in action:

Our exclusive dealer for the Australian market, the Lencrow Group, orders 8 units of our new B30 MP 4WD model. The compact size, maneuverability, and the transmission softness have been the key.


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