Bomaq Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks and Handling Machinery Copyright @ 2.020
Bomaq Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks and Handling MachineryCopyright @ 2.020


Why Bomaq?


1. We have designed, assembled and tested our products according to our customers' demands, making use of more than 15 years of feedback.


2. We use top quality parts, present worldwide, which means high reliability and quick response for aftersales: Donaldson Filtration, Linde Hydraulics, Parker Hannifin, Perkins Engines, Poclain Hydraulics, Sauer Danfoss, ZF, ...


3. We have created a product which combines the best performances of 2 different worlds: rough terrain and industrial handling. Thanks to this, you can have the best of both worlds: great off road power, and incredible inside manoeuverability.


4. We have thought of the owner: best product quality, low maintenance cost, wide range of applications where it can fit perfectly. Result: high ROI.


5. We have thought of the driver: easy to drive, first class ergonomics, minimum noise levels and maximum cabin space, with the overall aim of ensuring the best comfort possible.


6. We have thought of the mechanic: easy maintenance, fast to change all the filters, engine quickly accessible via the rear bonnet, no electronics nor software, identical hydraulic and electrical diagrams, and most of the spare parts are the same throughout our range.


7. And finally, we work closely with our customers. Your feedback and satisfaction are of great importance to us, as it is this which enables us to improve our products and service.


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